Management Team

  • 公司成員 Steminent Team

    董事會 Board
    董事長 Chairman of the Board:王強 Austin Wang
    董 事 Board of Directors:
    葉志鴻 George Yeh
    中華開發生醫創業投資股份有限公司 CDIB CAPITAL GROUP
    江政起 Mr. Keya Chiang
    王玲美 Dr. Ling-Mei Wang
    李展宇 Mr. Chan Yu Lee

  • 經營團隊 Management Team


The management team at Steminent has depth of experience in therapeutic product development and commercialization, as well as having depth in manufacturing, and global reach in attracting research and product development collaborators and partners.

● 總經理
General Manager
王玲美 博士
Ling-Mei Wan

Dr. Wang joined Steminent with abundant scientific expertise and experiences in research, industrial translations, and management. Ling-Mei was a researcher of NIH and Van Andel Research Institute in her early career with keen interests in oncology and cellular biology. She was in various research and management positions in both public and private sectors. Prior to Steminent, Dr. Wang was VP of CHO Pharma.

● 副總經理
SVP, Vancouver, Canada
William Milligan ►加拿大卡加利大學
►Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd副總、Eli Lilly Inc經理

Bill is a senior executive with over 25 years of business leadership, business development, and management experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to working with Steminent, Milligan served as Chief Business Officer for Migenix Inc., CEO / Director for Cytran Inc., and CEO / Director for Intellivax International Inc. in the biotech sector. In the pharmaceutical sector, his roles included management positions as VP New Product Planning, VP Business Development, VP Sales Division, and VP BioMedical Division for Hoffman-La Roche, and Product Manager for Eli Lilly. Milligan received a BSc in Biology from the University of Calgary and Business Management education at Ryerson University in Toronto. He currently serves as the Chair for the Business Models and Investment Committee of the International Society of Cellular Therapy.

● 副總經理 吳依萍 博士 ►美國普渡大學博士
● 商務暨臨床協理 何智元 博士 ►英國倫敦大學博士
● 財務資深經理 羅憶枝 ►英國阿斯頓大學MBA碩士