Board of Directors

Mr. Austin Wang –Chairman of the Board
Dr. Nancy T. Chang

Mr. Vincent Hou
Mr. Chris Chang
Ms. Sonia Wu
Dr. Oscar Lee

Dr. Jennifer Ho

Management Team

The management team at Steminent has depth of experience in therapeutic product development and commercialization, as well as having depth in manufacturing, and global reach in attracting research and product development collaborators and partners.

Ryan Chang – CEO
Ryan has over 20 years’ experience in global business management across diverse high-tech industries including a biotech startup. Prior to his role in Steminent, he served as GM and Asia Head in SKF LAT Division. He received his joint Masters’ degree from New York University in International Politics and Economics and Business Administration. In addition to the EMBA program in Technology Management from National Cheng-Chi University in Taiwan, he had advanced trainings in Indian School of Business, CEIBS in China, and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore.

Ling-Mei Wang – General Manager & COO
Dr. Wang joined Steminent with abundant scientific expertise and experiences in research, industrial translations, and management. Ling-Mei was a researcher of NIH and Van Andel Research Institute in her early career with keen interests in oncology and cellular biology. She was in various research and management positions in both public and private sectors. Prior to Steminent, Dr. Wang was VP of CHO Pharma.

William Milligan – SVP, Vancouver, Canada
Bill is a senior executive with over 25 years of business leadership, business development, and management experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to working with Steminent, Milligan served as Chief Business Officer for Migenix Inc., CEO / Director for Cytran Inc., and CEO / Director for Intellivax International Inc. in the biotech sector. In the pharmaceutical sector, his roles included management positions as VP New Product Planning, VP Business Development, VP Sales Division, and VP BioMedical Division for Hoffman-La Roche, and Product Manager for Eli Lilly. Milligan received a BSc in Biology from the University of Calgary and Business Management education at Ryerson University in Toronto. He currently serves as the Chair for the Business Models and Investment Committee of the International Society of Cellular Therapy.

Jennifer Ho – VP, Research & Development
MD, Professor and Director of Stem Cell Research Center at Wan Fang Medical Center, Taipei Medical University, professional in stem cell research and clinical trial management.

Huan (Judy) Qiu – Chief Executive Officer of Steminent China
Judy held several senior executive positions in the biopharmaceutical industry prior joining Steminent China. She had worked in Fosun Pharmaceutical Group, Bristol-Myers Squib, and Pfizer in China. With extensive network, Judy offers valuable contributions to Steminent for various business initiatives in the China region. Judy is a MD by training and had worked as Deputy Chief Doctor, Dalian Medical University of China. She received BS in Medicine from Guiyang Medical University in China.