Stemchymal® Technology Platform

The technology behind Steminent’s proprietary cell processing system has been under development for over a decade involving a number of leading stem cell research institutes. Through a series of research projects, from the technology of stem cell isolation from different tissue sources to characterizing stem cell properties, and their related therapeutic potential in various preclinical disease models, Steminent started translating and developing their cell processing platform into a standardized production system in 2009. 

Science Behind Steminent 

Steminent’s leading edge, highly efficient technology platform has led to successful isolation of multi-potent stem cells from a number of somatic tissues. This unique isolation technology platform enables the isolation, processing and production of Steminent’s highly purified, potent stem cell product; Stemchymal®, from adipose tissues. Steminent proprietary culture amplification technologies make possible to massively expand Stemchymal® while maintaining the high consistency, safety and functionality of the desired cell population.