Stemchymal® Therapeutic Advantages

Stemchymal® 的應用優勢

  • 即時即用的幹細胞產品 — 標準化的異體幹細胞產品。
    Off-the-shelf cell therapy product — standardized allogeneic stem cell products for clinical applications
  • 優異的免疫調節功能 – Stemchymal®表現多樣免疫調節分子,能有效調節免疫反應。
    Immunomodulatory ability – Stemchymal® presents superior anti-inflammatory effects.
  • 安全性獲臨床實證 — Stemchymal®已在多個臨床試驗中,累積良好的安全證據,證實產品的高安全性。
    Clinical evidence of safety — Systemically infusion of Stemchymal® has accumulated good safety evidence in multiple clinical trials.
  • 標準化的生產系統 — 能大量並高品質的生產,以利未來產品的商業化。
    Standardized production system — large-scale and high-quality production of cells for future commercialization.